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Social Security disability, long term disability (ERISA), disability insurance, and Railroad Retirement Board disability

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At Lieberman & Zagoria, we handle Social Security disability, long term disability (ERISA), disability insurance, and Railroad Retirement Board disability claims at all levels including applications, administrative appeals, hearings, Appeals Council, RRB proceedings, and federal court appeals. Please put our extensive resources and legal experience to work for you.

Mr. Zagoria is a former Attorney for Social Security. Both Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Zagoria have been frequent lecturers, locally and nationally, on all aspects of Social Security law and benefits.

We have a true passion & desire to help people

We truly care about our clients. You will not be just another potential fee to us. As a client that has paid into SSA for almost your entire adult lives, you should be entitled to these benefits. SSA is not a perfect system, though it wants to be. They do try hard for the most part, but they often make many mistakes. It is our job to help hard-working people remedy these mistakes.

Please contact our friendly law firm today, we can offer you a complimentary consultation. We are here to help.

Our firm has a true passion for helping people, independent of the fee. There is nothing that gives us more satisfaction, than when a client calls to tell us “thank you” and they will now be able to live some semblance of a normal life. Fees alone do not make this kind of practice enjoyable. It is knowing that you helped someone get the benefits they very likely otherwise might not have won.

Admittedly, our service comes with a fee. We could not stay in business without such. However, you will pay us the exact same fee that you would pay poorly trained lawyers, paralegals or internet vendors who try to woo you with their marketing. These businesses try to look like attorneys but are not. Consider retaining someone who can represent you from filing the application, all the way to the federal courts, if necessary. Most representatives will not appeal to the Appeals Council or federal court and non-lawyers are unable to legally represent you in federal court.

Social Security Disability

SSD, administered by the Social Security Administration, is a Federal program designed to provide assistance to people with disabilities. If you have been denied benefits, we can help. Our team has extensive experience in Social Security Disablity denials.

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ERISA Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability has different requirements. Since the enactment of ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), how it is regulated has changed. We understand the ins and outs of Long Term Disability and can help you with your LTD claim or denial.

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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a plan that is intended to pay some or all of a worker's salary if that worker becomes disabled, by way of injury or illness, and is unable to work at his or her job. Let Lieberman & Zagoria, P.A. fight for the benefits you deserve.

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Railroad Retirement Board Disability

The Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act provides disability benefits for those railroad employees, or in some cases spouses, when you are unable to work because of injury, illness or death. We can help you navigate the complexities of Railroad Disability cases.

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