Cases We Handle

Social Security Disability

In order to qualify for regular social security disability benefits, sometimes called Title II benefits or SSD, one must have worked a certain number of years and paid money into SSA’s trust funds, in order to be able to become “disabled”, to take money out. Let the Florida Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyers at Lieberman & Zagoria, P.A., help you get the benefits you deserve and are entitled to… READ MORE

Long-Term Disability & ERISA Benefit Claims

ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, enacted by Congress in 1974. It was intended to bring all employee benefits into one federal system. Instead, it has become a major advantage for employers. We have a thorough understanding of the litigation process of ERISA cases, whether you are filing a claim, appealing a court decision or entering the administrative appeals process to dispute any issue involving your employee benefits… READ MORE

Disability Insurance

There are two types of disability insurance policies. The more predominant type of policy is a group contract, provided to employees by their employer. The second type of disability plan is a private policy, which covers an individual rather than a group, in a benefit insurance contract.  If you have been denied your disability benefits, it can be frustrating. We know the specifics of insurance rules and the legal procedure required to get you your benefits.. READ MORE

Railroad Disability Annuities

The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board is a co-equal agency to the Social Security Administration. Workers with less than 5 years of creditable railroad service, generally, must file with SSA. Employees with 60 or more months of creditable railroad service generally must file with the RRB. Mr. Evan Zagoria, Florida Railroad Disability Annuities Lawyer, has been representing railroad workers in their disability annuity claims before the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board for almost 25 years… READ MORE

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